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Reporting on calls received outside of Business Hours in Analyzer


Contact Centre Manager here. We have recently (in July '23) migrated our team to Cisco WebEx for Contact Centre. We have been working in Analyzer to reproduce our business reports, and have been mostly successful with a combination of custom & Stock reports. However there is one metric we are struggling to reproduce. 

Does anyone have any advice/experience on how to report on how many calls hit your queues outside of business hours? 

Here is the use case in our IVRs:
We have 400+ DID's, which route into approx. 8 Flows. Each flow has a very similar IVR menu with 2 options (option 1 reaches our queues, option 2 are forwarded out to external lines to reach an operational part of the business. I believe option 2 are considered to be a 'self-service' termination type, while option 1 is considered 'normal' termination type when inside biz hours.)

We need to understand how many people call us when we are closed, and not only hit our DIDs in general, but who press 1 to reach any one of our queues (at which point they receive a closed message and can leave a voicemail if they wish. We need to understand the difference between the people who hit that option, and those who actually leave a message. Those are our missed sales opportunities.)

A rep from Cisco TAC suggested two things: 
1 - wait for the "time span" feature which is still in development 
2 - create an IVR variable to use within a custom report. 

Both of these options are going to take a lot of time, and it's not clear if option 1 will even meet our needs once Cisco launches the new features. Option 2 will no doubt be a lot of work for our administrator who is still learning the system. 

So my question: is anyone reporting on something like this in a different way? Curious to know how you achieve this if so. 

Thanks for any insight!

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