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UCCE Reporting - Avail Time in multiple Skill Groups

Level 1
Level 1

I have a simple question that I can't seem to find on any of the documentation available from Cisco UCCE.


If agent A is skilled in Skill Groups X & Y at the same time how does AvailTime get reported in both Skill Groups if he had a total of 60 seconds available in the last 30 minutes?


I'm thinking it's probably one of 3 scenarios:

1. AvailTime is reported as 60 seconds on both Skill Groups X & Y (duplicated AvailTime)

2. AvailTime is reported as 60 seconds on only one of the Skill Groups (single skill gets all the AvailTime)

3. AvailTime is reported as 30 seconds on Skill Group X & as 30 seconds in Skill Group Y (both skills pull from a shared pool of AvailTime that the agent provides)


Can anyone confirm for me which one of this is true? Or is there maybe another alternative I haven't thought of?

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