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UCCX 9 and Create File Document Step


I understand in CCX 8.X and above you can only write to the customer folder.  I have a client that recently migrated from CCX 7.x to 9.x.  They have a script for prompt recording; two of the options are to Save Backup of Existing prompt to a "saved" folder and the other is to Revert to Saved prompt.  The 7.X script used a Create File Document step to write the prompt to a location; and then upload that prompt to the Saved folder.  The Create File Document step is no longer working (get an error saying file and/or path not found when doing reactive debug) and I believe it has somethign to do with the fact you can only save to the customer folder.   Any suggestions on what step should be used to accomplish this?  Attached is screenshot of that section.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!           

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Samuel Womack

You can Write to the just has to be done as an Authenticated User...and the FilePath is different than in 7.x (FolderName/FileName.wav)

Attached is a screenshot of what it may look like; I've never performed the operation of "backing" up the old recordings as your requirement is based I think I'll leave that part alone in this particular response...If you need further assistance..I could help you better if you drop your script here so I can make suggestions and/or modifications as necessary..without making to many major changes to the app (I have ideas of how I would work with the existing files and then before I saved the new one..grab the old one and upload it to the backup FilePath..


I have attached the entire script for review; as you'll see there is an authenticated user step.  Take a look and let me know your thoughts.  Thanks.

The Authenticate Step is in the Wrong Location, You are Still Using Write Document Step (which can work..but not in the way you would want a prompt recording app to), You are Still Referencing C:\, None of the Prompts Work for App Navigation [PromptFolder/Prompt.wav] the app doesn't work at all in its current state...

If you can fix some of these..get a working app together (you can at least navigate)..then I might be able to help further..

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