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UCCX API - Database integration



Currently our UCCX is integrated with SQL database and its successfully fetching customer details based on the input entered during the call.

However, our database team is not willing to expose database. They are asking for an API to connect to this SQL server without directly exposing. Could you please shed some light from where i can get the API.

Any documentations will be appreciated.



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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The API method would have UCCX be the client and the database server be the...well, server.  Therefore, they need to provide you with an API access method and documentation on which methods are allowed, and what message bodies are required, etc.  You would just end up using a combination of steps in your scripts, such as: Make REST Call, Create JSON/XML Document, Get JSON/XML Document Data.

Thanks Anthony for your reply.

Sure, i will ask database team to provide an API. Is there anything required from UCCX side other than writing a script that includes above. (REST call, Create JSON, GET)



Sometimes there is a certificate requirement, if say for example the transport is HTTPS, then UCCX will need to be able to trust that other server.  In which case, you'll need to upload that cert/chain to the UCCX OS Administration web page under tomcat-trust.

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