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UCCX Time of Day / Day of the week



I am looking for a script or help in creating a script which will allow me to override the time of day or day of week. 

example:  if its after 5pm I want to be able to change from close to open;  if its tues and its open I want to change it to close.


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William Bell


Given your examples, I assume that there is some pre-existing script logic that handles the standard open/close event. I am not sure how that logic is instantiated in the script. In scripts I have put together, the open/close/holiday/etc. checks are done right after accepting the contact.

Assuming you are doing something similar then what I would suggest is that you leverage a boolean variable to control the open/close handling. What I like to do is create the boolean variable (e.g. blnClosed) and set it to false (i.e. open by default). Then you add your test conditions to see if the CC is closed. Something like:

set blnClosed = false;

/*test for open/closed rules*/

if (blnClosed) goto CLOSED


/*handle the closed event*/

The test section will vary depending on how complex your rules are and if you have several scripts governed by the same open/close rules. You may even be callign a sub-routine that applies rules such as holidays. Getting to the specific test cases you are asking about. You will want to look at the "Day of Week" and "Time of Day" steps. You can find them here:


(t) @ucguerrilla

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Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

I believe this will get me on the right track. 

here is my flow:

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