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Webex Connect integration with Viber


We are attempting to integrate social media channels (such as Viber/Line etc.) with Webex Connect.

To achieve the above, we need three items,

               1. Webex CC/Connect API to create a conversation on the agent side within Webex CC, which should return a conversation ID.

                2. Webex CC/Connect API to send messages to the agent based on the aforementioned conversation ID.

                3. Outbound webhooks to capture the messages/actions from the agent side.

Based on the available documentation, we are attempting to create a chat conversation for the available agent inside our Webex CC Gold Tenant using custom events and inbound webhooks and trying to capture the information from the agent side using outbound webhook.

We are unable to create a chat conversation inside Webex CC/Webex Connect even though we can trigger the inbound webhook/custom event and were not able to find the direct APIs described above within the available documentation online.

I request guidance on whether the approach above is accurate/feasible and request help for relevant documentation for the above use case to be suggested.

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