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ACI Terraform Import

The company I work already has a CI/CD IaC platform in place. We are using Terraform, Azure Devops, and Octopus Deploy to push code to environments. I am new to Terraform development so my questions may seem elementary to some. 

We have an existing ACI infrastructure in place. We also have the ACI Simulator stood up our our development environment. I have been playing around recently with pushing code change to the Simulator. Due to having an existing infrastructure in place I'm finding it challenging to start deploying changes with code without changing too much of the existing environment. 

During my research I have found that it may be possible to import ACI configuration to your terraform state. Has anyone tried this process in the past? Is it possible? Can anyone point me to some documentation on doing this?

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Alex Stevenson
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I would look at these to guide you:


'Importing With Terraform' section here -->

'Import Resources' section on page 15 -->

aci_configuration_import_policy -->



Ruben Cocheno

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