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Hello Guys,I created script which executes few outputs on Cisco Routers. Script is working fine , it logs to device   and executes commands. But I don't know how force Python to save those outputs to Text Document.Please help. import getpass import s...

I want to know if I can monitoring my Dell switches using MIBs as a custom device or using SNMP v2.   Found this guide   But I have read ...

I am trying to execute command runner api request on sandbox environment (, but it fails with below error - {"message": "Role does not have valid permissions to access the API"} It doesn't have valid permissions, but any other w...

uwankhed by Cisco Employee
  • 2 replies
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Hello,I am looking for an API call to GET all the VLANs (not VLAN interfaces) on a managed switch in Prime. Is this possible? I've searched the API documentation quite a bit (and searched the forums) but I haven't found an answer.The only way I can t...

YES!!! GOT IT WORKING!!!Want a custom network map?Just go to a website, and enter the sites you want, and hit submit.16 seconds or so later you will have downloaded the network map in yEd.  With only the sites you requested and the network devices di...

dlots by Level 1
  • 1 replies
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I am currently running PI 3.1.7 (update 01) and I am wondering what version should I upgrade to?  I have been in the 3.1.X Train for a very long time and I don't really know what features/fixs have been introduced at what version. Why has Cisco gone ...

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