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Cannot connect to router using Cisco PnP mobile app


Hi All,

Hopefully someone can help out!

I have just started to explore APIC-EM and the PnP mobile app. But when I try to connect the PnP mobile app to a router it does not seem to be able to connect and/or login. I have had my colleague try this from his iPhone but without any luck.

I am using a Redpark L2-RJ45V cable. The routers are both a CISCO881-SEC-K9 running IOS 15.4(3)M7.

The routers have been reset to factory default. I have tried both with and without a local username and password configured but the app will not connect either way.

Please, see the attached images for how it looks like in the app when I try to connect to the router, it pends between two different messages over and over again. I also attached the logs from the app from when these two messages appear.

Some one knows what this is about? What am I doing wrong?



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If I remember correct, after upgrading to a newer IOS the problem was resolved.

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If I remember correct, after upgrading to a newer IOS the problem was resolved.

Jannat Noor-07

Hi Kristofer,

I understand you're having trouble connecting the PnP mobile app to a router via the Redpark L2-RJ45V cable. It seems the app is unable to login or establish a connection, even after resetting the routers to factory defaults. The attached images and logs provide a clear picture of the issue.

To resolve this, I recommend reaching out to the App store support team. They have expertise in troubleshooting app-related problems and can guide you through the process. They'll be able to identify any potential errors or misconfigurations and help you rectify them.

Good luck,

and I hope you can get the PnP mobile app up and running smoothly soon!

Hi @Jannat Noor-07 

I did resolve this case 2018-08-13 as the upgrade of IOS seems to have solved the issue.

Thank you!

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