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Increasing DNA HTTP response timeout (API and GUI)?

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Hi there!

I have made a python script to delete old DNA backups through API based on a specified retention period because DNA for some reason does not include this functionality in the GUI...

I have found that the delete operation takes longer than 60 seconds to complete, at which time DNA responds with code 504 Gateway Time-out.

Even when deleting a backup through the GUI it takes 60 seconds then responds with a warning that the operation could not be completed. However the backup does disappear from the list of backups and I can see the remote storage size decreasing.

So, does anyone know how to increase the HTTP request/response timeout for DNA?


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I do not think this is possible to increase the timeout - i would also post this in this forum too

Or contact TAC to confirm this.

Hope this helps.



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Gabriel Zapodeanu
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Agree with @bigevilbeard The REST APIs have a timeout of 60 seconds. In the case of APIs that may take longer we have the async API implementation. In your case, you are using an internal, unsupported API, that does have this implementation, being UI driven.