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Aseem Srivastava
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Customers are increasingly integrating Cisco NSO in their Ansible workflow management capabilities:

ØAnsible is good at stitching together pieces into a workflow

ØNSO is good at configuring and deploying network services



NSO-Ansible demo:


Ansible needs NSO for

❑ Service life-cycle management 

❑ Configuration transactions that are stateful

❑ Device management with NSO NEDs(Network Element Drivers)

❑ Configuration Sync-from / Sync-to between devices

❑ Device Configuration Auto / Partial rollback in case of failure

❑ Commit-queues for faster response times


NSO Modules for Ansible

Ansible can now natively integrate with downstream NSO via the NSO Modules. This provides Ansible a single network interface to all devices via NSO abstraction and services.

This modules has the the following NSO APIs supported from Ansible playbooks :

1) perform query

2) show

3) action

4) config operations against NSO systems


So in summary: Ansible playbooks define procedural steps and uses NSO to define and validate the service and device configuration data.

Getting Started

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