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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Cisco has announced the general availability of a Cisco Intersight version that is tailored for the EMEA region. This is the first instance of Intersight beyond North America and fulfills the commitment Cisco made in February as part of a technical preview we shared with customers at Cisco Live! Amsterdam 2023.   

 Hosted out of Frankfurt, Germany, the EMEA instance of Intersight will provide customers enhanced user experience of a software-as-as-service (SaaS)-delivered IT operations platform that better adheres to local regulations while improving overall performance. 

 Cisco Intersight is a unified cloud operations platform that delivers intelligent visualization, optimization, and orchestration for applications and infrastructure across data centers, muticloud, and the network edge. It is a multi-tenant, SaaS platform that allows customers to easily bring teams, tools, infrastructure, and apps together.  

 Key benefits for EMEA Intersight customers include: 

  • Compliance: Multi-region support helps meet local regulatory requirements such as control, confidentiality of personal & sensitive data, availability, and service resilience. 
  • Improved performance and latency: Deployments can use an Intersight instance closer to the geographic location of users and devices. 
  • Seamless connection and configuration: No new workflows are required. All regions include the same familiar Intersight configuration and management experience. Connection and configuration changes are also the same in all regions. 
  • Data sovereignty with the same user experience: The Intersight EMEA user experience is the same in all regions. Users are automatically redirected to their account's region to maintain data sovereignty requirements. 
  • Global feature parity: Simplifying feature options is a top-of-mind consideration with this instance.  EMEA Intersight customers will enjoy all new features at the same time as North American customers. Creating new Intersight accounts is also as simple as using a drop-down menu as shown here: 

Region Selector.png

  The selected region determines which Intersight SaaS regional instance will be used to store customers’ data to help comply with local laws and data residency regulations while achieving low latency. Users can seamlessly switch between accounts in different regions, making data center SaaS based IT device management truly transformative.  

Connecting your Infrastructure 

We have also unified the Intersight claiming process for all regions. When a target is claimed, data is stored in the region of the account that claimed the target, and all interactions with Intersight are performed in the local region. In the example multi-region illustration below, targets in Spain, United Kingdom, and India are managed by the EMEA instance while targets in Australia, Africa, and South America are managed by the North American instance. 

Multi Region Intersight.png

What’s next? 

On the horizon, Cisco is evaluating new ways to improve Intersight for all users including further regional expansion, simplified migration, additional features, and other innovations. We ask our customers to help us prioritize through feedback, requests, and questions. Please join and visit the Intersight users community for more details and to engage with our teams. 

Get started today! 

Customers who do not yet have Intersight can get started today with a test drive at, with a free 90-day trial. 

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