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Cisco OTV and FHRP Isolation

Can anyone help with a technical reason why hsrp should not be extended across DCs, asides from not recommended by Cisco, Latency and non-optimal reasons?

I have OTV across my 2DCs using ASR1ks and a pair of 5ks in the data centers. At the moment I have only one gateway in DC1 and any server in either location has to use the default gateway to get to the wan and internet. I know this is not optimal but it allows me have servers in either DCs, help get OTV running without worrying about symmetric routing and LISP etc.

One obvious concern with this, is that their is no redundancy when DC goes out of service, so I'm thinking "why not break the OTV best practice and extend HSRP across the two DCs?" That way, when DC1 dies, DC2 5K takes-over hsrp master and traffic will continue to flow.

If it can work with traffic tromboning at the moment without complaints, I see no reason why one HSRP across the two DCs will not work.

A technical reason why I shouldn't do this or hsrp optimization tips will be appreciated.

Of course this is meant to get thing going until I wrap my head around LISP licensing and deployment.


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