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If i shutdown the pair in VSS, can I bring them both UP sententiously or should I bring the main switch Up first and then the secondary? The switch is C6832-X-LE.   Thanks!

Hulk8647 by Level 1
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Basic setup of Cisco MDS9000. We have two MDS9000 (Purchased through HPE as HPE StoreFabric SN6010C 12-port 16Gb Fibre Channel Switch). 1x HPE MSA 2052 with 8x 16 Gb Fiber connection 2x HPE Performance servers with each 2x HPE 16 GB HBA I would like...

MDS9000 by Level 1
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Hi All, I have a couple of buildings using layer 3 connectivity between them and I need to complete a span session to copy the packets from Vlan 10 in Building 1 and essentially copy them into a Vlan on our Nexus 5000. I’ve attached a high-level diag...

Jim Kerr by Level 1
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Hello!We have a Nexus license usageFeature Ins Lic Status Expiry Date Comments Count--------------------------------------------------------------------------------24P_LIC_PKG Yes - Unused Never -24P_UPG_PKG No - Unused -LAN_BASE_SERVI...

sharlino by Level 1
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Folks,             We have a HQ site and a DR site. We have a Layer 3 MPLS connection between the two. We want to run OTV over the layer 3 link for DR purposes (vmware,as400,etc). Is it possible to do OTV on a ISR4321.   Also we have 5 remote sites c...

tpahuja by Level 1
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Hi, everybody, I've logged in on N7k and enter "show privilege" command. The output is:   NexusPar-01# show privilege                                                              User name: nadmin                                                      ...

Hi folks-Let's say I have L2 networks (multiple VLANs) under a leaf in a leaf-spine DC setup. The leaf is the L2-L3 boundary.So, I have vlan interfaces (SVI/IRB) created in the leaf for each of the VLANs.  Question1: I need to have an IP address for ...

s.ram by Level 1
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