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Does ASR1006-X advanced enterprise license support VxLAN

lichuan liu
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we want to connect ASR1006-x directly  to spine, and make asr1006 as a special border leaf , and connect WAN-VRF to our different customer on ASR1006 interface faced to remote customers,we now just have 1G line from ASR 1006 to Nexus  9508 spine.

the other core line speed 40G

is there any problem for this solution 

 thank you!


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David Castro F.

Hello Lichuan Liu,


I hope you are doing great, 


If we are talking about ACI fabric and you want to connect your border leaf it has to be connected to the leaf switches since the spine only supports leaf switches connected to them. Now if this is FabricPath which there is limited amount of 9K that supports this, it should not be a problem.

Description: Y:\Production\Cisco Projects\C11 Deployment Guide-White Paper\C11-736899-00\v1a 110316 0127 Shafeeque\C11-736899-00_Cisco ACI Fabric and WAN Integration with Cisco Nexus\Links\C11-736899-00_Figure-01.jpg


See the above image is for an ACI or VxLAN deployment, please review the above link, also check the below link for the type of design supports:


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David Castro,


   we are now testing spine leaf vxlan technology, spine is 9508 leaf is 9300-ex , but for wan,we have ASR1006, we have tested asr1006 connected directly to spine, and it is working,(found some problem, it is seemed like a bug), we prepare to deploy it in production network.


   another solution is connect ASR1006 to one set of bleaf(9300ex) and ASR1006 is not as a leaf, but this is very difficult to deploy, because we have to have vrf on asr 1006 and bleaf,    if we conntect ast1006 directly to spine, we just need config vrf one ASR1006 onetime

  thank you!