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FCoE and NFS running over the same uplinks?

Hello Experts,

I'm trying to figure out how we can run FCoE and NFS all from the same Netapp, down through a pair of 5k's, and then to our FI's over the same uplinks. I myself do not have visibility to the 5K's, which is where I understand most of the config needs to happen.

Currently, the uplinks are exclusively used for FCoE. We also want NFS to run through the same uplinks.

From what I have read/gathered, is that we should really just need to bind the NFS VLAN to the already-existing VSAN. Just looking for confirmation on whether or not this should be possible/supported, and if I'm tracking correctly. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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What you are trying to do is accomplished by adding another VLAN to the design to carry the NFS/Ethernet traffic. What you will end up is one VLAN for FCoE (which is mapped to a VSAN for Fibre Channel Services) and another VLAN for your NFS traffic (or any other Ethernet traffic you want). There is a paper available on that goes through this for NetApp environments (FlexPod and FCoE with VPC and NetApp Storage Configuration Example - Cisco).