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N7K-C7010 End-of-Support

Jeffrey Pouzar

Does anyone have any insight into what I am being blindsided with right now?  Here is my predicament.


1. We have two N7K-C7010 chassis that were ordered and installed several years ago with SUP-1 modules, FAB-1 modules, and M1 line cards.  We have since replaced those with SUP-2e modules, FAB-2 modules, and F3 line cards, respectively.  


2. Our Smartnet Total Care instance says everything is in-support, and there was nothing to tip us off about this.


No one batted an eye until now, I am told our chassis are EoS, and thereby, none of the new hardware therein is under a support contract right now.


I am told that we need new chassis.  What, specifically, is the difference between the old chassis, and the new Nexus 7010 chassis?


Here is the bulletin:


Again, all the components are new.


I fail to understand what the difference between the chassis in "Nexus 7010 Bundle (Chassis, SUP1, (3) FAB1, (2) AC-6KW PSU)," where all the bundled components have been replaced and are in fine working order, and "Nexus 7010 Bundle (Chassis, 1xSUP2, 5xFAB2), No Power Supplies," which constitutes where I am at now?


Does anyone have any insight?  Can anyone offer any feedback other than "you have to buy new chassis, but we don't know why," which is essentially the lip service I get from our partner?  I can't reconcile this, it's just not good enough for me.  I need more.


Many thanks for any assistance.  It's appreciated.


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Jeffrey Pouzar

... and if you read the 2013 bulletin, it indicates there is a migration path between the old bundle and the new bundle, but a "bundle" merely represents the components that comprise it, and all of those components have been replaced.


So I continue to ask, "is there a different PART ID" for a new Nexus 7010 chassis?  Or is our partner trying to have us purchase two new chassis of the same exact type?  I hope you understand my concerns, and my request for clarification.  Thanks.

Hi Jeffrey,

may i ask if you found a answer on that. We have also the Situation that we want to replace FAB1 / SUP1 with FAB2 / SUP2.


Buy new chassis would be a very uncomfortable Situation for us.


I found on reddit some both about that procedure but i would be happy if you can share how you have dealed with that.


Best Regards



The document is referring to the bundle which is not available anymore. However the chassis is the same.

You can replace the SUP and FAB keeping the same chassis. Reference to this guide for the replacement: 


Stay safe!



thx for the very helpfull link

Jeffrey Pouzar

Output.PNGPart Numbers Per Bulletin.png

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