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N7K Upgrade and SUP addition

Hi All


We have a pair of N7Ks waiting to be upgraded. The N7Ks currently have single SUPs. 


We have ordered a pair of new SUPs . Not sure what the version of the IOS is in the new SUPs.


What is the best way to get the new SUPs installed and N7K upgrades?


Can we just plug in the new SUP, and it sync's IOS with the active SUP ? Can someone please clarify?


Thanks Balaji


So, lets say old SUP has 6.1 version, and the existing has 7.3, and the new version is 8.x.. what is the best / recommended approach.


1) insert the secondary sup, and copy the 7.3 to it, and reboot the secondary.. (hope this will not have any downtime)

2) copy licenses, running config etc to standby sup

3) Once the secondary is upgraded, then proceed with the 8.x upgrade as always, using install all command.

4) Both SUP's get updated  to 8.2


Of course, EPLD upgades might or might not be necessary after step 3 , when upgrading to 8.2... Right ?


I hope the system will stay active when the secondary SUP is installed, with 2 different versions between primary and secondary.. i think i have tried that once, but just want to double check





First step, i bring the secondary to meet the requirement of Primary version, make sure it working as expected.

and do some fail overs between supervisor , there is no issue before you move to next step.


Once above steps confirmed all good.


I will read the release notes and understand the caveats - make sure new version can able to support all the Line Cards.


Note : as long as you follow the instructions as mentioned the  document, until you issue failover  it will not fail to secondary.


Suggestions : offload the configuration out of the box, do the task in maintenance window (if you cautious ) - always save yourself.



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