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Nexus 1000v QoS with FCoE

Patrick Colbeck

I am implementing 1000v on ESXi servers connected via 2242UPs to 5596UPs via CNAs.

The port configuration on the 5/2Ks is using the Cisco default which assigns 50% of the bandwidth of the 10Gb link to the server to FCoE (should it be needed)

The question now arises when configuring QoS on the 1K uplinks when I configure a percentage for a traffic class what is it a percentage of ?

Is it a percentage of 10Gb or of 5Gb ? Has DCBX pushed the 50% for FCoE down the servers CNAs and does the 1K know this or does it think it still has a 10Gb interface all to itself ? I am trying to guarantee vmotion 1Gb and don't know whether that means I should assign a minimum of 10% or 20% in the 1K uplink QOS.



(A tad confused)

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Patrick Colbeck

I have been reading all I can find on this and though its not explicitly staed anywhere I am commin to the conclusion that the CNAs support 802.11Qaz as does 1000v and Nexus 5K/2K.

I am thinking that in this case the 1000v doesnt need to know about what bandwidth FCoE is using. We are simply programing COS for 802.,11Qaz and the percentages are out of 10Gb. FCoE has its own COS valuye (3) and taht will get 50% of 10Gb and the other COS values should be assigned so that they add up to 50% giving a total of 100%.

I am going to try it tommrow and see what happens.

Any word on this? I'm working on a 1000v design with FCoE on UCS/Palo and had the same question.

Not yet but Cisco are looking at this. I will post an answer as soon as I get one. It seems this is a non obvious scenario to configure

Any word on this? I am working on a design with the same scenario.

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