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Nexus 3000/9000 Toolkit for Device and Network Performance Monitoring - AMA


This event is an opportunity to have your questions answered on tools available for Nexus 3000 and 9000 Series device/network performance monitoring. Michal will cover usage, configuration, output analysis of available CLI features such as iCAM, telemetry, Catena, PLB, latency monitoring, and more.

To participate in this event, please use the Join the Discussion : Cisco Ask the Expertbutton below to ask your questions

Ask questions from Monday 7th to Friday 18th of December, 2020

Featured expert
Photo_mkilar_100x140.pngMichal Kilar is a Technical Consulting Engineer for the Data Center Routing and Switching Team (EMEAR). Michal joined the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) in May 2012 and since then has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in Nexus products and troubleshooting. He holds a master’s degree in telecommunications, CCIE #38746 in Enterprise Infrastructure, and other design related certifications.
Michal might not be able to answer each question due to the volume expected during this event. Remember that you can continue the conversation on the Data Center Switches community.
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Hello Michal,


Context - peer gateway , vPC peer link & Inter vlan traffic


I have back to back vPC setup in the lab using VIRL images.


In the absence of peer gateway, nxs95K-0x (topology attached) allows inter vlan traffic via peer link.


If I'm not misunderstood, peer gateway has no role to play in a healthy vPC setup. Typically a peer gateway plays a role in the failure scenario.


Could you please elaborate even in the normal scenario to prevent the inter vlan traffic via the peer link we need peer gateway configured ?







Let me clarify on few points of your question:

1. The peer-gateway feature will play a role when the VPC switch is performing routing. It will not make much difference if the device is just L2

2. Peer-gateway does also play a role in healthy vPC setup (meaning both peers fully operational).


What peer-gateway generally does - is to allow Nexus to route the frames destined to MAC address of its VPC peer.

You can find the VPC peer-gateway feature described very well eg. here:


Best regards,





Thank you Michal!

The configuration guides for 9.3(3) are missing information about PLB.

Is it no longer supported?


Cisco Employee

Hello Oliver,


That is correct. Starting from 9.3(x) the PLB feature is deprecated.

Its functionality is now replaced by ITD.


While trying to enable PLB feature with 9.3(x) you will now be presented with the following error message:


switch(config)# feature plb

Error : Feature PLB is deprecated. Please use ITD (feature itd)


From the configuration perspective most of the commands which have “plb” are replaced with “idt” and maintained the same functionality.


Best regards,



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