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Upgrade N7700 from 6.2(12 to 7.3(3)D1(1)

We are in the preperation to upgrade the N7700 switches from 6.2(12) to 7.3(3)D1(1).

What would the best path be?

Would that be 6.2(12) ISSU upgrade to 7.2.0D1.1 and than to 7.3(3)D1(1)?

although multi-hop ISSU is not supported, would this mean that a reboot is needed in one of the steps?

As the documentation states that multi-hop ISSU is not supported:


Wouldn't that mean that an upgrade after an ISSU should always be a disruptive upgrade?

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Re: Upgrade N7700 from 6.2(12 to 7.3(3)D1(1)


A reload would be required but I think an upgrade would be more involved procedure it all depends on your topology 

do you have fex - multiple feature enabled - L3 IGPs etc..

Can you elaborate in your design

NxOS have some excellent tools to assist in its upgrade procedure especially when fex L3 routing and mutliple features are involved

Running maintenance mode will isolate the switch your upgrading and it can be done to exclude the fex - You can also have custom profile the maintenance mode to meet you needs if you have 3rd party connections you would like to tweek

lastky the snapshot feature pre-post upgrade is as good way to validate your connections etc

have a look are this -  here

kind regards

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Re: Upgrade N7700 from 6.2(12 to 7.3(3)D1(1)

We use 4 VDCs, each of them having one ore more FEX.

Routing is done using EIGRP, some BGP is remaining for outside connections, and a lot of static routes.

The design is 4 N77710 chasis, 2 in each datacenter. The 2 in each datacenter forming a vpc domain.


There is ofcourse a lot of planning in this.

I did not yet think of the snapshot and maintenance mode. I will take a look into that to see what it can do.


Still strange that documentation would state a ISSU path, but if more upgrades are needed a coldboot upgrade would be advised, can't yet wrap my head around that.


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