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Hi I'm working on a migration to a Nexus 7706 with N77-M348XP-23L line cards. The Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Virtual Device Context Configuration Guide (and some other documentation such as datasheets) tell me that this line card has 2 x 24-interface po...

noisey_uk by Level 1
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Hello Dears, I am playing around with the latest Nexus 9000v release 9.3(1).The setup is the following:  The images are deployed on  ESXI 6.7.0, 9484548.  VM resources: 4*CPUs( E7- 4870 @ 2.40GHz ) 8GB RAM.  Spines are CSR1000v 16.12.01a, they are th...


Hi,I had read thru many documents about PVLAN. Some how there some questions I  need expert advice.Especially the PVLAN trunking , also the what is common practise  interface type use for VMWARE ESXi host. Please open attached powerpoint file, which ...

tckoon by Level 1
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Hi all, after port change from fc to ethernet and restared N5K I have a problem with second N5K, this two devices are connected via peer-link and I´m receiving error log: %VPC-2-VPC_DELAY_RESTORE_TIMER: Delay restore timer will be overwritten to 150 ...

Jaro by Level 1
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 Hello,I am facing a weird situation with a thin client (HP) T630 that does not connect to a FEX N2K-2348UPQ, these clients have fiber(1gig) NIC cards. HP has a similar model T620 which connects without any issues. These connections work fine in our ...