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VEM on VSM host

Level 1
Level 1

I am trying to install the VEM on the ESX server that holds the VSM.  I manually installed the VEM but it didnt register with the VSM.  A vemcmd sh card info shows that the control and packet vlans are set to 0 instead of the vlans we have assigned (31/32).  Is there a way that I can manually set these?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The control/packet vlan information will be pushed into the host by vCenter when you add the host to N1K dvs on vCenter. Were you able to add the host to N1K dvs? If you are able to add, check the ouput of the following command on VEM

vemcmd show profile

If you don't see your control/packet vlans there, you might have forgotten to mention these as system vlans in uplink profile you created on N1K VSM.


We were never able to add the 1k to the dvs.  When you try to add the host from vCenter it was never listed.  This still isn't in production so we just vmotioned the VSMs off to a host that already had VSM installed an blew the orginal host away.

If you can't add the host to the DVS in vCenter, the VSM will never push the DVS profile data to the host.  Thats why your control & packet VLANs are showing as "0".

After you vmotioned your VSM off the host were you able to add it to the DVS?


Even after the vmotion we couldn't still couldn't add it to the DVS.  It was a blank ESX box so we opted to just blow it away and will be reloading it in the morning.

Ok. If you need any further help with this host after the rebuild let us know.



I will.  Thanks for the help!

Well after reloading the ESX box we still had the issue.

Turns out it was licensing.  They had a Enterprise license on it instead of Enterprise Plus.  We put it in eval mode and everything is great.

*Note to self.. double check ESX license.