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Ahmed Shahzad

VEM Upgrade error

Hi Gurus,

We have already upgraded the VSM and now trying to upgrade VEM using VUM.

I have issued the following commands:

vmware vem upgrade notify

Administrator accepted in vCenter

vmware vem upgrade proceed

After that I am getting error:

uviprswin1k1# sh vmware vem upgrade status

Upgrade VIBs: System VEM Image

Upgrade Status: Upgrade Errored in vCenter. Please check UpgradeError for more details.

Upgrade Notification Sent Time: Mon Dec 13 10:58:59 2010

Upgrade Status Time(vCenter): Mon Dec 13 11:03:02 2010

Upgrade Start Time: Mon Dec 13 11:35:56 2010

Upgrade End Time(vCenter): Mon Dec 13 11:39:56 2010

Upgrade Error:  [VMware vCenter Server 4.0.0 build-208111] Cannot get compliance status for host(s): host-9834. This indicates that previous host operations m

ight have failed for these hosts.. The object or item referred to could not be found..

Upgrade Bundle ID:

    VSM: VEM400-201010100-BG

    DVS: VEM400-201010100-BG

Any idea what is the cause of this error?

We were expecting that it would ask in vCenter which VEM needs to be upgraded, but it had upgraded all the VEM, which was surprise for us.

Best Regards,
Ahmed Shahzad.

Robert Burns
Cisco Employee

Hey Ahmed,

A couple things could cause this error.

1. Have you tried kicking off an upgrade from the VSM previously (more than once)?

2. Are you using Vmware update Manager?

3. Which version of 1000v are you upgrade to, and what build of vSphere are your hosts?

An easy work around is to install the VEM update manually.  If you'd like to work this out, provide answers and I'll assist further.



I am running into a similar problem, but I am seeing the error after I enter 'vmware vem upgrade proceed'. Here is my error message

ltn-cld1-vsm01# show vmware vem upgrade status

Upgrade VIBs: System VEM Image
Upgrade Status: Upgrade Errored in vCenter. Please check UpgradeError for more details.
Upgrade Notification Sent Time: Thu Jan  6 21:07:21 2011
Upgrade Status Time(vCenter): Thu Jan  6 21:08:31 2011
Upgrade Start Time: Thu Jan  6 21:12:08 2011
Upgrade End Time(vCenter): Thu Jan  6 21:13:00 2011
Upgrade Error:  [VMware vCenter Server 4.0.0 build-208111] The object or item referred to could no
t be found..
Upgrade Bundle ID:
    VSM: VEM400-201010100-BG
    DVS: VEM400-201010100-BG

I am upgrading my vems manually and I am upgrading them from 1.3(a) to 1.3(b)

Any help will be aprreciated.


Misbah Rehman


A few questions:

1. Are you using VUM, if so, which version
2. What is the build of ESX "vmware -l"

This issue is likely related to VUM being unable to put all hosts into maintenance mode. VUM will force hosts running ESX version Version ESX400-201002001
or higher to be placed into maintenance mode before upgrading VEM modules.

Also be sure you have no VMs running on local storage that are unable to be migrated.  Without these VMs being able to evacuate, the host can never enter

From the VEM upgrade Guide:

"For an automated traffic non-disruptive upgrade, you need to install either VMware patch ESX400/ESXi400-201002001 or the ESX400/ESXi400-201006201-UG or later on the host."



I am not using VUM. I am using VEM upgrade proceed command. Here is my setup

I have Vcenter managing two vem hosts. I am using vem upgrade proceed command with only one host in the maintenance mode. Do I need to have both hosts in the maintenance mode and do upgrade proceed?

Thanks for your help,



Have you manually upgraded the VEM software on each host?  Without VUM, you have to do this manually using "esxupdate -b <vib bundle> update --maintenancemode" command.  This will temporarily put the host in maintenancemode and allow the install.   Please ensure you select the correct .vib version from the compatability matrix or 1000v web interface - http://<vsm IP>

Please see the upgrade guide for non-VUM upgrades of the VEM.

Once the VSM, all VEMs have been upgrade (show the new version in a "show mod" output), you can issue the "vmware vem upgrade notify/proceed/complete" sequences to update the VC database/VEM bundle ID.




I will try it in a day or two and will let you know.

Thank you,


Hello Nexus 1000V community.

Has anyone experienced SPAM from this community?  I've already removed e-mail notification options from my Cisco Profile but I'm still receiving all your e-mail threads and posts.

Can anyone offer any other advice other than creating SPAM filter rules on my local Mail Servers as well as "unsubscribing to this thread" and contacting Cisco about this issue?

Has anyone else had to deal with this?

Hi Misbah!

In addition to what Robert has mentioned, if you are doing Manual upgrade, you must have either not installed VUM or turned the VUM service off. So when you do vmware vem upgrade proceed, vCenter will try to invoke VUM and could print this error .  When doing Manual upgrade, the error message shown in vmware vem upgrade status can be ignored.  After finishing the manual upgrade, please give vmware vem upgrade complete and that will clear the error.





I think I did complete the installation and the error message went away however, vems never got upgraded and I was still seeing the software version 1.3a not 1.3b. I can give it a shot again and will let you know.



I received a similar error message when, some of the hosts couldn't be migrated  during the upgrade process. Basically try moving all VM guests on  a host to see if some fail VMotion  and try to resolve why it's failing.  Our case was Microsoft Clustering implementation that had a lock on the SAN and workstation with a serial connection that was in use.

Hope that help, make sure to also look on the even log of VUM which hosts are failing with remediation.

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