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Students and Instructors Embark on Journey with DevNet

DevNet Scavenger Hunt TW.png


Ready, set, go! Cisco Networking Academy instructors and students, it's time to get started with DevNet.




Join our Scavenger Hunt. It is fast, educational, and fun! By answering 5 questions, taking a learning lab, and registering with DevNet; students and instructors will be learning about all the tools and resources that will lead to a lifelong journey of career development.




The future of automation, programmable networks, and the Internet of Things will soon be a reality. Get ready to collaborate with developers who can help you with automation or learn basic coding to program networks on your own. There's a number of ways to learn more and get started on your journey to the future. Embark on this exciting new area of networks with DevNet when you:




You'll also have a chance to win some fun prizes and gain awareness of some of the cool things happening inside the DevNet community.




The Scavenger Hunt will be hosted from January 15 to February 15. This new opportunity is open to all students and instructors from Networking Academy, universities, and beyond.




Answer 5 easy questions, take a learning lab, and register with DevNet. Three simple things will have you started with DevNet in a flash. Simply complete the Scavenger Hunt steps and you could win prizes while exploring new learning and career paths. You might even meet new people with expertise in fields you are passionate about.


Don't forget to stay in touch by following @CiscoDevNet on Twitter and continue the conversation with me @kuehltweet. Invite your friends to join in too! We look forward you taking the first step in a lifelong journey with DevNet.

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