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Updated! IOx 1.4 Sandbox!

Cisco Employee

Want to skill up on IoT application development and deployment in the ‘Fog’?

Then, you’ll be glad to hear we’ve just updated the IOx Sandbox to the latest 1.4 release!

IOx provides an application enablement framework and compute platform on devices operating at the network edge with the ability to host applications and services, connecting them securely and reliably to applications in the cloud.

Essentially, it brings your applications to the generation points of IoT data, so you can overcome key challenges to IoT app deployment, like high volumes of data creation and movement and the need for near–real time system responsiveness.

You’ll get to work in a Linux application environment that’s great for picking up the functionality of IOx fast and for combining with common open-source dev tools. Win!


In the Sandbox you’ll get access to:

  • IOx: IOx for hosting Fog Applications across network infrastructure
    • Including the Cisco IOx Application Framework (CAF) for orchestrating and managing applications on Fog nodes.
  • Fog Director: Manage, administer, monitor, and troubleshoot Fog applications running in the IOx environment remotely over the network.

There’s a guide to getting started and you can also use the DevNet Learning Labs as you would expect to continue your knowledge building!

This sandbox should be great fun for deploying apps to the Fog and testing out your next big creation!



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