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Duo push notification for postgresql database log in

Hello members,

We have configured MFA for the PostgreSQL database using RADIUS authentication and Cisco Duo, overall the configuration works, but I need help with the usage. 

 The problem is that database authentication succeeds when I approve the Duo push notification in a second or so; if I delay one more second, the database authentication fails with the below error:

[enterprisedb@closvl2142 data]$  psql -d edb -p 5445 -U ksudanag
Password for user ksudanag:
psql: error: connection to server on socket "/tmp/.s.PGSQL.5445" failed: FATAL:  RADIUS authentication failed for user "ksudanag"

This makes the entire solution unusable. Can someone suggest how do I resolve this? 



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Is there is an adjustable RADIUS authentication timeout in PostgreSQL that you can extend to allow more time for a user to approve the Duo Push request?

Duo, not DUO.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I did work with our PostgreSQL vendor support to identify any such parameters in the database, but there are none; as per them, the time out is managed at the RADIUS server itself, and we already set the radius timeout to 30 seconds. 

The Database logs say as  below:

2023-10-27 09:44:48 CEST LOG: timeout waiting for RADIUS response from
2023-10-27 09:44:48 CEST FATAL: RADIUS authentication failed for user "ksudanag"

Where is our RADIUS server.

My assumption is that this something is to be fixed between the RADIUS and Duo. Are there any time-outs set between them?



The timeout for a Duo Push itself is 60 seconds. When our service sends a Duo Push request it waits 60 seconds for a user response before failing it as timed out. This is not adjustable.

There is also a timeout in the Authentication Proxy configurable in the radius_server_nnn section: api_timeout. This determines how long the Duo Authentication Proxy will wait for a response from the Duo API host (our cloud service). It defaults to no limit.

> the time out is managed at the RADIUS server itself, and we already set the radius timeout to 30 seconds. 

What do you mean? You set the api_timeout value to 30 seconds in the Duo Authentication Proxy authproxy.cfg? If so, means that the Duo server will only wait 30 seconds to receive a response from the Duo cloud service before terminating the 2FA request and returning a reject to the authenticating service (in your case, PostgreSQL). That is not a lot of time for the user to receive and respond to a Duo Push request (half the lifetime of the Duo Push request itself).

Duo, not DUO.


Thanks for the insights. 

Yes, we tried setting the api_timeout value to 60 seconds, but that didn't help. 

Instead of RADIUS, we tried LDAP authentication for PostgreSQL. This works as expected; the Duo notification waits 60 seconds. 




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