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Cloud Gateway: 15.0.1-030Gateway (HW/Virtual): 15.0.1-030Email and Web Manager: 15.0.0-413Reporting Plug-in: Plug-in: Add-in(s): More info

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Getting Started with Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense Join us as our experts walk you through some of the fundamentals, key concepts, and outcomes of the Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense product. We will help you gain the insight needed to create a...

Hi, The CPU on ESA spikes to almost 100% in random intervals. I was trying to pin point the root cause of this behavior using Zabbix. I tried to correlate volume of processed emails and anti-spam processes to CPU spikes. But there was no correlation....

pauls7490 by Level 1
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Resolved! Multi Tenant email

If I have an ESA serving multiple tenants I have to add all the email senders on the relay list and have to allow them to send emails. Is there a way to keep one tenant from sourcing their emails with the domain of the other tenant? Thank you

guibarati by Level 4
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Hello, i don't understand exactly how Virtual Gateway on Ironport works?I configured the second IP interface on ironport with IP-address of DMZ zone and the second public listener.On DNS i have 2 mx-records for Ironport.How Ironport would appeal to t...

Hi, I would like to know if it is likely for multiple connections to be attempted from numerous different IP addresses from within one subnet?  I ask because I see quite a number of rejected connections on our email gateway.  I had a look at them an...

I'am trying to configure my ESA C170 and all works as expected. But now I want to add support for relay function for authed external user. I add a SMTP Auth Profile against LDAP that works. Next Step is to configure HAT and the sender group. If I add...

S190 support the below or not :- 1)  Support user authentication based on : LDAP, NTLM ( single sign on )and activeDirectory ( single sign on ), radius, X509 certificate, built in username/ groupdatabase, OTP, web identity management systems, substit...

Hi Trying to configure a message filter for the following condition and action 1) If receiving listener is "Incoming Mail" and Remote IP (remote-ip) is x.x.x.x or y.y.y.y AND mail from a specific sender 2) Quarantine the duplicate copy of the message...

Pravar by Level 1
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Hi, Actually we have configured rate limit for envelope senders and we only allow a list of address to send massive mails with the option ignore rate limit for address list active. We can see that these rate limits not drop messages. It slowing these...

Resolved! Comparative Table

Hi A costumer want to change Ironport unless we show them a comparatibe table of Cisco Ironport vs Barracuda, Fortinet (Fortimail) and Websense, where can i get ti???? Regards

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