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spoofing with a twist.

Having a short domain name is a pain but keeps me employeed ;)So a spammer is sending email FROM: TO: abc@fbr.comI also get legit email like from the Washington Post, when you email yourself a link/article both the FROM and TO are the s...

Some questions about A60

Hi AllI have a A60 box, from 'featurekey', I find the 'body_contains' is expired, do you know what's the function of 'body_contains'?Also, I find the current version is 3.7.3-014, so can I upgrade to the last one? Is it free? and where can I download...

bounce prevention

has anyone used the newish "unwanted bounce" prevention that is in 4.7?we have a few users who seem to get forged a lot and this looks like a useful feature. However, I'm keen to know if re-writing the envelope sender has caused anyone grief in the w...

Attachment Profiling

Hello,Has anyone setup filters to perform outbound attachment profiling? For example, how many excel docs per hour, how many word docs per hour, and what sizes?I am sure there is a filter that could be written, but then how do you report on that filt...

New Spam (again)

We have noticed that this kind of spam has increased (see below).Typically it has no "To:" header, no "Subject:" header and nothing on the message body.Does IPAS already know this? Any suggestion to write a filter that catch message with no To or Sub...

Interesting...another one.

I've had 2 reports of this so far today. A message comes in to the recipient, and the sender appears the same. In other words, it looks like the recipient sent this to themselves. However, if you look at the headers, it is coming from the Internet (d...

Messages with no content?

I've been noticing a large number of messages with no message content. The full headers are intact, but there's nothing beyond them.This seems like an inefficient way of directory harvesting, if that's what's going on. Whatever the cause, it's rath...

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