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Bob Bagheri

Configlook XML Tool

Is "Configtool" still used with AsyncOS 7.x? and if so, is there any documentation, readme or help file for this tool?

Thanks in advance,

Bob Bagheri

Cisco Employee

Greetings Bob,

Are you talking about Email Security appliance or Web Security appliance? If it is an ESA, than answer is no. I dont see any such command available for IronPort command line in 7.x.

If you explain what exactly you are looking for, I can suggest you a similar command which can be use for the same purpose.



Support Engineer

Yes, I'm talking about the ESA. 

If you select the "Documents" tab right here in the Cisco Support Community Ironport ESA site, you will see "Cisco IronPort Systems Contributed Tools" uploaded by Mauricio Palomar.  Select this and you will get the following page:

Under the first section labled XML Tools, you will see a tool called "XML Config Viewer".  Acoording to the descripiton this is a "PHP Source code for the config viewr tool.".  This is the tool I'm looking for some type of documentation for or a web site where I can get started.


Hi Bob,

This tool should still work although I have not tested it with the 7.x series recently. Being that these are all user contributed tools the only

documentation available is that which is included in the archive, typically the readme file. Many of the applications and tools listed here also have extensive help built in which can be viewed by passing specific command line switches after the command, like 'executable' --help.

Are you looking to  expand the functionality of the XML config viewer for a specific purpose or were you just wanting to know about its basic use?

We also have documentation on running queries against the XML directly without this tool if your interested in that. Another item of interest in this area would be the reporting API.

Christopher C Smith


Cisco IronPort Customer Support.

Thank you Christopher, I was looking in the folders after expanding it, I didn't see any "readme" files.  Oh well, I'll keep digging.

My goal was to take the config from a customer appliance and build documentation from it.  I'm definitely interested in learning how to do more advance functions / queries via XML.  Are the XML queries procedures listed in the advance configuration guide?



HI Bob,

I think what you may be looking for, at least as a guide is the reporting API. While you may not need all the parts to reporting it goes into a bit more detail related to the queries and how they work.

I am including that in my post. Addtiionally not sure if its been upated, but

Instead of curl -k "https://admin:ironport@yoursystem/monitor/overview?"............

Its now

curl -k "https://admin:ironport@yoursystem/monitor/reports/overview?"............................

If it turns out this is not exactly what your looking for let me know.

Christopher C Smith
Cisco IronPort Customer Support 

Thanks for your reply.  My goals are two fold.

First I would like to evaluate a client's appliance configuration file and quickly build documentation for the appliance.

The 2nd part for visiting existing sites where in addition to creating documentation from the configuration file, I would like pull additional info.  This is where the reporting queries will be handy.

Thanks again,