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ESA POP and IMAP protocols scan

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Does cisco ESA 690 supports IMAP and POP protocols scan


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No, just SMTP.

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I would like to integrate ESA with our customers, as we provide email services. Is there a way to manually submit emails for scanning via ASyncOS as if it were going through as SMTP? Or perhaps a way to "faux" send the email via smtp, and have the final action be "drop" so it doesn't actually attempt delivery?


I just need to scan the emails and get a status for SPAM, malware, virus, reputation score, etc...

Do you mean the mail sent between customers on the same server? 

In the sense you could BCC mail out to the ESA, and then drop it, yes, if your mail server allows you to put a BCC into some sort of flow rule.  The question then is how do you act on that mail??


Depending upon what you're using as a mail server you might be able to make it treat all mail as external and push it out to the ESA for delivery back in, and then you'd be able to just filter it normally.


That all feels very... hacked together though... 


What are you using as a mail server? 

We are an HR software company, and we sync with our customers' mailboxes via IMAP, to keep a backup copy, and to analyze the emails for their campaigns and logging activities.


I was thinking it would be nice if I could inject a function midstream to also scan the emails as we get them. We have thousands of customers so a forced SMTP gateway isn't practical for our scenario.

So you're not running the email server, but you're getting a copy of some mailboxes that are specific to your software?

Yes, that is correct. I double checked today and we are pulling a little over 4000 email accounts.