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For ESA 8.5.6 , I have a problem in CLI

Amira Saad
Level 1
Level 1

Dear All

I have a problem in CLI ssh for my cisco Ironport , and i got this message when enter

500 #5.5.1 command not recognized
421 Exceeded allowable connection time, disconnecting.

and it didn't appear in active sessions in GUI

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Libin Varghese
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Amira,

This error indicates that a remote server connecting to the IronPort appliance has exceeded the "Total Time Limit for All Inbound Connections".

This only happens when the connection time reaches the configured timeout, in most configurations it will be 15 minutes. The Ironport then sends the soft bounce '421' error code and drops the connection.

This timeout parameter is configurable via the "Total Time Limit for All Inbound Connections" value, in the Global Settings of each listener. A mail server should close the connection after sucessful message transmission. If it does not the timeout triggers and the appliance cloese the connection. Generally, if a mailserver is taking over 5 minutes to send another SMTP command, there are likely issues on their end. If the same issue occurs often (for many different remote server connections), there may be an internal network issue on your end.


Libin Varghese

Hi Amira,

These are the default recommended configuration values, as explained earlier the error would be seen if there is no data injected to the Ironport and the connection is left idle beyond the configured time.

- Libin

it is solved by itself

Level 1
Level 1

Please see the below two urls which might be helpful to assist with your query.

There are many defects filed for ESA which can be checked from the below Bug Tool.

Hope to help.