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How do I transfer HAT Config files from C150 to C170?


I am trying to export my HAT configuration and transfer that file from the old, C150 device, to the New C170 device.  Both machines are on the network with different IP addresses. +

The old one is now online and managing the email but I have a lot of entries in the old HAT I do not want to enter manually.  I exported the old ones to the device itself in tx for mat but need to get it off that device and onto the other and in the right folder, which again I don't know how to access from the CLI.  Any help?

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To answer the first post, when you "Export" your HAT, it ends up in the Configuration directory on the ESA.  So, connect to the C150 using FTP, go to the the configuration directory and pull that file down.  Then upload it to the C170, and import it via the gui.

As far as the full configuration, you could pull out sections of the xml and upload and import them.  I think the biggest issue, that you're running into is probably the physical port config as there are more ethernet ports on a C170 than a C150.

When I did my migration, I moved the HAT tables, the RAT tables, Destination Controls, Dictionairies, Safelist/Blocklist and SMTP routes via FTP and then walked through the rest by hand...


Fantastic.  That did it.  Once I got in I could see all the files I exported to the local device. 

Since I have redundant devices I can at least get on configed the hard way and they export that file to sync the secondary.



And this also will answer the other post I had regarding the complete config load. 

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