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How to send a do not reply response from Ironport

Our business Ironport appliances are set up with several domains.   We have a requirement to send a receipt message responding to certain customers who email an address on only one of the configured domains.    The receipt message needs to come from a address and is to confirm that the email has been received.

So far I have a notfiication template configured with the message that we want to send out, and a content filter with a condition that uses Envelope recipient to identify the address that has been emailed, and a notify action that uses the notification template to send the message out.     The problem with this is that when the customer receives the email it comes from the address ironport@hostname.     The only way I can see of changing this is to change the Notifications option under the System Admin/Return Addresses option, however this is a global change that then changes the address for all notification for all domains and for messages from the appliance itself.      If we then have a future requirement to do the same thing for a different domain we're stuck.

Can anyone suggest another way of doing this just for one domain.    I've wondering about custom message filters/text resources but don't know how to work them.



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Within the Notify action on

Within the Notify action on the Filter itself, you can override the Sender information that would have been populated from the Return Addresses page.  If you are using a Content Filter, this is set in the 'Return Path:' field.  For Message Filters, you would set it in the 3rd set of quotes, for example:

notify("$EnvelopeSender", "template_name", "");

The email address specified here is used as the Envelope Sender, and the From: & Reply-To: headers.

- Jackie


So simple... mind you the

So simple... mind you the field is hardly self explanatory and there's not much in the manual about this. I will give it a try and see what happens. thanks Chris