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issues with warning disclaimer for all external inbound emails

Level 1
Level 1

Good afternoon!

Please explain an issue with warning disclaimer for all external inbound emails. Configuration the same as here Cisco ESA: Warning disclaimer for all external inbound emails – FINKOTEK

(i am using first option: Mail Policies > Text Resources > Add Text Resource)

It was working well. But approximately month ago i noticed that for some domains warning disclaimers come as attachment (txt + html). And not in the body. Check attachments.

Our configuration: 

Model: C100V
Version: 14.3.0-032
(cloud based)

Can someone explain how to fix it?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This is possibly due to encoding mismatch/issues between the message body and the disclaimer.

Follow the suggestions on

Set option 3 to yes and verify the behaviour. If it doesnt change, set option 4 to 'yes' too.

Good evening! Thanks for reply. It`s looks like the correct answer. And it was happened when I added an ASCII symbol. But is there any option to change locale settings from GUI? (In my case - it`s a cloud solution with access through web interface)

Work with TAC and they can assist you to modify the config via the CLI. You can also request them to enable CLI access to your cloud instances and few steps should be followed to get the access. (which TAC will guide you with)