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Resolved! Anti-spam settings in MFP and Mail Policies

Hi, I am relatively new to Ironport but have invested quite some time in testing and reading the best practices and the documentation. I couldn't find/understand information regarding the different situations that we use Antispam setting options - in...

kaizen by Beginner
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Resolved! Critical error setting up DMARC in test ESA cluster (Cheetah/ valueForKey|197 - not found)

I've mapped out steps to set up SPF, DKIM and DMARC checking in our IronPort cluster, and run through them in test - the only problem I have is at the point where you export and re-import the DMARC profiles. It looks like the export works to create a...

Resolved! Incoming mail policy-anti-spam Actions for Positively Identified- spam quarantine in missing

Something change on the incoming mail policy.We want to change  the configuration of  the anti-spam policy for positive spam- from deliver to quarantine , but the option is not exist ,I can only choose - deliver ,drop ,bounce.Can any body explain me ...

liora by Beginner
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Logging for URL filtering

We've enabled URL filtering, working great, but I want to log more information for the exceptions that I know are coming.  I'm not getting the results I expect with my Add log entry action.  My action step is: log-entry("$MatchedContent triggered $F...

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