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Spamcop Account Issue

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Apologies if this post is in the wrong community.

I'm having trouble with my legacy Spamcop email account.  I believe that Cisco now owns the Spamcop servers.  But I cannot find a point of contact for my issue.

I think that my old Spamcop (cesmail) account has been turned off or hijacked in the past few days.  Emails are not now being forwarded.

Who should I contact about this issue?  How can I get my account resurrected or back under my control?



@Spamcop @cesmail

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Solved my own question:

How do I report a problem or question specific to SpamCop?

If you experience issues with your SpamCop account or would like to contact SpamCop, send an email to

SpamCop acts as a third party service, however SpamCop is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cisco.

SpamCop offers free and premium reporting services in order to report spam quickly and accurately. SpamCop reporting streamlines the process of determining the origin of spam emails and reporting them to the relevant Internet service providers. In addition to providing direct feedback to Internet service providers, SpamCop reports fuel the SpamCop Blocking List.

The SpamCop Blocking List offers service providers and other email administrators an automated tool to filter out aggressive spam from an email network. Used with existing email servers, the SpamCop Blocking List is automated and time-based, which allows administrators to quickly and accurately filter reported spam.