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Hi Everyone,I have a query: Consider a scenario if customer has Cisco ASA with FPR services and AMP licenses deployed inline. Also customer has Cisco ESA . What is the need of AMP on ESA as malware can be blocked at network level itself with Amp @ AS...

Hello, I received the question if the AMP client is also supported on the following windows embedded versions Windows Embedded 7 familyWindows Embedded Compact familyWindows Embedded Standard 2009 are there any informations on that? thank you best r...

daro by Level 1
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Hello, Does Firepower has the capability to mitigate Dridex Banking trojan with atombombing code injection ability?  http://thehackernews.com/2017/03/dridex-atombombing-malware.html Regards, Mady

Mady by Level 4
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Hi, Has any of you been able to install AMP for Endpoint on Fedora 25? The installation just end with the following output "Error: nothing provides libpcre.so.0()(64bit) needed by ciscoampconnector-" /Per Output from the instal...

Hello, I am wondering if Cisco TAC subscription is mandatory to update my FirePOWER module SI, URL, module image and etc. ? I already have purchased my AMP license and applied it to my module. Thanks

bkamrad by Level 1
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I have a question about blocking an executable by our defined Application Blocking rule/list.  If I have a file called UpdateTask.exe and it is located in a user profile \.....\.....; will it black the application at is file location or will it block...

I'm trying to automate the removal of Fireamp via the command line and its not working.  If I run the command and enter the password it works.  If I run it silently it doesn't.  Any Ideas?  Im using the command line example below for this example Ive...

Is there a way to upload a list or copy and paste a list of IPs and Domains to have them searched in SourceFire? I regularly get alerts from community partners that contain scores of IP addresses and domain names that I need to search through our Clo...

ffoster00 by Level 1
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I have quotes from two vendors for a pair of 5508s in HA with AMP.  I'd also like to use the AMP for Endpoints. Obtained quotes from two vendors for a pair of ASA5508s.  I'm looking to add protect 500 Endpoints with AMP. Vendor A provides a quote fo...

TPPCISCO1 by Level 1
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