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64 bit Powershell with 32 bit Tidal

Justin Iler

Hi All, I'm wondering if someone could assist me. Here is my scenario:

  • I have a powershell script that is performing a P2Vof a server. It runs locally on the tidal server and connectes to the SCVMM server to perform the P2V.
  • I have a batch script that calls this P2V script
  • When I run the powershell script locally on the Tidal server it works fine and the P2V is created
  • When I run the batch file that calls the powershell script it works fine and the P2V is created
  • I created a Tidal job and pointed to the batch file. The job runs but the P2V isn't created
  • I have added some debugging into the powershell script which is dumping stuff into a text file so I know the powershell script is running
  • It seems like the script is functioning fine except when it comes to the P2V creation portion

I have read other posts and it seems to me the issue may be in that my powershell script has to use a 64 bit SCVMM snapin which means I have to use the 64 bit version of powershell. Tidal is a 32 bit application so I think its having an issue using the SCVMM snapin even though its calling the 64 bit powershell version.

Does anyone have any suggestions I can try to get around this?

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Marc Clasby

Is your server 64 bit?

what are your tsagent.ini settings for on the server? this can have an impact on quotes and powershell in particular

our is



you could specify the 32bit version of Powershell if you needed to on the command line



My server is 64 bit. Remember that I do have a batch file that is calling the powershell script and is working correctly when I run it locally.

Unfortunately I can't use the 32 bit Powershell version with this particular script as it has to load the SCVMM snapin which can only be run using the 64 bit Powershell.

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