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Expand All in 6.0.3 client?

Michelle Morris

                   Hi Everyone.  I'm using IE9 and Firefox 14 with Tidal and I am not able to get the Group Display-->Expand All to work in Job Activity or Job Definitions.  If I highlight a job parent and choose Expand All, it only expands that parent.  In 5.3.1 I was able to right click on the Jobs "folder" in the navigation bar on the left and choose Group Display --> Expand All and all of the parents would expand.

Is anyone else having the same symptom?

Thanks in Advance,


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Marc Clasby

right and left arrow keys to expand and contract all
it looks like a few keyboard shortcuts were dropped in the client manager connection

you used to be able to:

CTL+SHIFT and use the right and left arrow keys to expand and contract all

CTL+ right and left arrow keys to expand and contract the highlighted group(s)

As Michelle points out

Now you have to highlight the section/selection.. right click Group Display

in this case you need to highlight the entire shcedule def or activity and then group display

otherwise even if you select the expand all then it still will only to the selection you are on... not the whole list

we are still just demo'ing getting used to it ... I wonder what it will be like with a few thousand jobs in it...

That defect of not expanding all when selecting expand all can probably be quickly fixed by Tidal


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