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Table and Column Name to get the FTP Host and FTP User

Warren Tolentino

i was attempting to locate a job by opening hundreds of jobs one at time that is using a particular FTP host and/or FTP user. i found some but i know there might be others that i might have missed. i know that this can be done thru query however because i do not have access to the tidal database i can't see what tables or views that i could use to do the query. please help what are the tables/views and column that i should use to built the query.

thank you,


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Marc Clasby

similar to the job search string... it is just slightly modified

jobdtl_params will contain the FTP Host information that would be pretty straigh forward

jobdtl_params  like '%%'

However the FTP or Runtime users are trickier

you need job_proxy and job_proxy2 from jobdtl table to get the FTP User

in the case of FTP jobs you need to go after job_proxy2 for the FTP User

(NOTE: if you have the data model help file from tidal it says it's the runtime user but it doesn't seem that that is true for FTP jobs its the FTP user)

if you have a user ID you know you are looking for you can get add the ID and use that in your criteria


jobdtl_proxy2 = ###

you can search the usrmst table for the ID's you want


usrmst_id,usrmst_name from usrmst


usrmst_name like

       if you use inheritance for FTP user it gets far trickier

'%< FTP user or part of FTP user you want>%' 

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