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3945E in a crashloop


I have an urgent matter. Our 3945E keeps crashing on bootup. The reason is that it tries to load up a script each time it boots, which causes it to crash. Its a TCL script which uses a timer. This is the error:

10:34:19 CET Wed Mar 14 2012: Unexpected exception to CPU: vector D, PC = 0x2BAAFB5

-Traceback= 2BAAFB5 2BAB0C0 48B16E9 48A5352 489B119 2AE4EBD 2AE9336 2AC3A71 2AE222A 2B08482 2B07B7C 2B07970 4833FD3 4800888 4834779 483454E

CPU Register Context:

EAX = 0xE0CA1C26  ECX  = 0x34000000  EDX = 0x00000034  EBX  = 0x261CCAE0

ESP = 0x22486E88  EBP  = 0x22486E9C  ESI = 0xE0CA1C26  EDI  = 0x34000000

EIP = 0x02BAAFB5  PS   = 0x00010206  CS  = 0x00000008  SS   = 0x00000010

DS  = 0x00000010  ES   = 0x00000010  FS  = 0x00000010  GS   = 0x00000010

Writing crashinfo to flash0:crashinfo_20120314-103419-CET

No warm reboot Storage

*** System received a Bus Error exception ***

signal= 0xa, code= 0xd, context= 0xac1bcc0

PC = 0x2baafb5, Vector = 0xd, SP = 0x22486e88

How would I fix this?



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Never mind, I managed to fix it using the rommon mode and confreg 0x2142 to ignore the NVRAM. After it booted up with a clean config I deleted the tcl script from the flash and rebooted back with confreg 0x102. Now my initial config is back but the device doesnt crash anymore since it cant find the file on the flash.

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