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7821 Unprovisioned Status

Level 1
Level 1

Dear community 

I have 2 Cisco IP phone model cp-7821 with the following configuration:


voice register dn 15
number 115
name phone1


voice register pool 2
id mac 701F.534C.FD0A
type 7821
number 1 dn 15



voice register dn 22
number 222
name phone2



voice register pool 3
id mac 701F.534C.FC3F
type 7821
number 1 dn 22



Phone1 registered successfully but phone2 stuck at provisioned, I checked the network setting and I found that TFTP IP appearing and all setting correct, may you please tell me what might be the problem?


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Put the command create profile under voice register global and try again.


Also,share the output of show voice register global tftp-

Hi Mohammed 

When I enter "create profile " under voice register global, this message appears:

"%Error deleting flash:/its/jabber-config.xml (No such file or directory)"


and below the output of Show voice register global 


CUCME-Router#show voice register global
CONFIG [Version=10.5]
Version 10.5
Mode is cme
Max-pool is 30
Max-dn is 100
Outbound-proxy is enabled and will use global configured value
Security Policy: DEVICE-DEFAULT
Forced Authorization Code Refer is enabled
Source-address is port 5060
Time-format is 12
Date-format is M/D/Y
Time-zone is 5
Hold-alert is disabled
Mwi stutter is disabled
Mwi registration for full E.164 is disabled
Forwarding local is enabled
Video is disabled
Camera is disabled
Privacy is enabled
Privacy-on-hold is disabled
Conference hardware is disabled
Dst auto adjust is enabled
start at Apr week 1 day Sun time 02:00
stop at Oct week 8 day Sun time 02:00
Max redirect number is 5
ef (the MS 6 bits, 46, in ToS, 0xB8) for media
cs3 (the MS 6 bits, 24, in ToS, 0x60) for signal
af41 (the MS 6 bits, 34, in ToS, 0x88) for video
default (the MS 6 bits, 0, in ToS, 0x0) for service
Telnet Level: 0
Tftp path is flash:/its
Generate text file is disabled
Tftp files are created, current syncinfo 0001975019401329
OS79XX.TXT is not created
timeout interdigit 10
network-locale[0] US (This is the default network locale for this box)
network-locale[1] US
network-locale[2] US
network-locale[3] US
network-locale[4] US
user-locale[0] US (This is the default user locale for this box)
user-locale[1] US
user-locale[2] US
user-locale[3] US
user-locale[4] US
MWI unsolicited notify is disabled
Active registrations : 3

Total SIP phones registered: 3
Total Registration Statistics
Registration requests : 5
Registration success : 5
Registration failed : 0
unRegister requests : 2
unRegister success : 2
unRegister failed : 0
Attempts to register
after last unregister : 0
Last register request time : *20:48:59.926 UTC Tue Nov 21 2017
Last unregister request time : *20:52:16.455 UTC Tue Nov 21 2017
Register success time : *20:48:59.926 UTC Tue Nov 21 2017
Unregister success time : *20:52:16.455 UTC Tue Nov 21 2017