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7942 Phone creates a DHCP Flood on network and logs "Resource temporarily unavailable"

Alexey Y
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Level 1

Hi all,

Recently I witnessed a DHCP flood on a network which was started by a 7942 Phone (firmware v. sccp42.9-3-1). After power-cycling the phone the DHCP Flood stopped and didn't happen again.


I am more interested in understanding the log message that I've seen on the Phone. It is the same message that appears 650 times in a second.

This is the message that I'm getting:


"WRN 23:03:16.163643 DHCP: dhcpReadThrd - msg send err : [1:11]Resource temporarily unavailable. state:Bound         ,will retransmit to recovery


Can anyone explain it?

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I am unable to find a specific definition, but it appears that the message just confirms the DHCP 'flood'. Continuously trying to reach the DHCP server for an IP address and unable to reach it and then causing it to be unavailable because of the bombardment. Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance with a specific definition. Perhaps one of the Cisco resident experts has the specific definition. Very interesting case though, thank you for sharing.



Thanks for the reply jason,

something that I wanted to mention in addition to my previous post is that the Phone does reach the DHCP server, and the DHCP server replies to the ip renew request. It's more like the phone doesn't get the reply message from the DHCP server or it won't accept the reply.