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Arthur Luke

7965 Phones showing "Ethernet Disconnected" after Phone Load update

Just did an update of (140) 7965 phones, and everything went pretty smooth except for 5 phones that got stuck on a messge showing "Ethernet Disconnected". The users power-cycled the phones the next morning when they came in and everything came back up and on the new phone load no problem. Not the end of the worrld, but I'd much rather not have my end users having to deal with this, or try to get someone to go around and power-cycle these things. Anybody else run into this?

FYI - we were going from SCCP45.9-2-1S to SCCP45.9-3-1SR2-1S and using BAT to update the Phone Load Name and reset the phones.

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

This is cabling issue, you will need replace the cable connecting the phone to switch.



Thanks for the response. Do you have any more detail on what the wiring issue might be? As I mentiond, the phone came right back up after power-cycling. I wouldn't expect that to happen if there were a wiring issue. I don't see any errors on the counters for the port that the phone is attached to, either, so it doesn't really seem to be pointing to a layer 1 issue as far as I can tell...



Hmm, interesting.. What is the distance of the cable? is it 100M+?

I've seen this error on several occasions over the years, and it was always bad cable, I've never see the reset fixing it though.


Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Are you using Cisco switches?  If you are, please state the exact model.  Maybe your switch can support TDR.

This is a late reply I know, but posted for those searching for answers online. Check the speed configured on the switch port. I had the same problem with a 7965, had the speed set to Speed 1000 Did a no speed 1000 And it came right up. 7965 can't do 1 gps speed
Arthur Luke

The switches we had installed do not support TDR. We never did find a relly good root cause on this one, but one thing these phones had in common was the fact that they all had mid-span power injectors powering them. My only guess is that the phone was receiving power while the switch port was still in a STP listening/learning state, and that resulted in the message? Sorry, not too much help for anyone else that might run into this, but I thought I'd follow up and throw it out there.


Hi Luke,


I know it is an old post but thought of sharing my experience as well. I had the same issue as yourself. It appeared to be the faulty patch port. I had to move the phone to a different patch port and it worked fine.

What threw me out from the path first that the phone was still getting DHCP ip address correctly. I do not know how and why if it had a faulty cable or patch port. But its all good now after changing the port.




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