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8841 handset - custom background

steve pearson
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I cannot seem to get a 8841 handset to take a custom background!!  CUCM v 9.12, 8841 two firmware images attempted (sip88xx.12-5-1SR1-4 and sip88xx.10-2-2-16).



I have created two background image files (png format);

> 8841bg.png - 800 x  480px, 400KB

> 8841bgthumb.png - 139 x 109px, 25KB


Uploaded the above two image files and the List.xml file to a dir on all CUCM TFTP servers (there are other List.xml files in other resolution directories).  Then restarted the TFTP service on all TFTP servers.




File name                  Location

List.xml                     Desktops/800x400x24

8841bgthumb.png    Desktops/800x400x24
8841bg.png              Desktops/800x400x24


List.xml contents:


<ImageItem Image="TFTP:Desktops/800x400x24/8841bgthumb.png" URL="TFTP:Desktops/800x400x24/8841bg.png"/>


Created a Common Phone Profile, removed enable end user to change and pasted in the file name : 8841bg.png

Applied to phone, even restarted the phone, also by unplugging it.


Then tried changing phone back to normal CPP and then setting custom background on the phone itself, same.


Tried all the above on two 8841 handsets.


Unable to HTTP to phones to look for errors, connection refused (think this is since moving to v12 firmware, HTTP still enabled in settings).





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