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9971 DHCP Issue

I am having an issue with a 9971 phone not receiving an IP address. We are planning to use the 9971s for Phone VPN at user's home sites.

The phone is connected to a linksys router through a Cisco switch that is tagging the router's traffic on VLAN 912. This VLAN does not talk to any other VLANs and only exists to tag the traffic on the cable modem. We have already checked and the phone receives DHCP when it is plugged into the port on the switch configured for the internal voice VLAN. Also, when we plug a laptop into the port for the cable modem, the laptop gets a DHCP address.

I've checked everything else and cannot find a reason as to why I can't get a IP address here.


I have tested onsite with another 9971, fresh from the box, and it receives DHCP. However, after I plugged it into the network and download the configuration and VPN certificate, I plug the phone into the router and it remains stuck on the original DHCP information from the internal network. I have reset the phone to factory default network and security settings and see no ITL or CTL file, but the phone still does not get DHCP from the home router.

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