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ACME E-SBC Media Termination

Hi Guys,


I am using a virtual e-sbc (8.3.0) in my lab and I have deployed two cucm clusters to simulate customer and PSTN side. Here is my call flow:



What I am observing is that Media is not terminated on the acme sbc. It seem to be that the sbc is just proxying all sip signaling messages and not terminating media. I would imagine that there must be a way to make it terminate media like CUBE does otherwise the purpose of demarcating customer network from outside world is defeated.

Question is how do i achieve this? Is there a configuration that I need to enable on the e-sbc to force it to terminate media and  send its IP in the SIP SDP rather than the IP addresses of the endpoints to each other.

NB: Both CUCM clusters are in seperate realms and have separate sip interfaces


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Guys anyone with ACME skill sets here? Need some help please. Thanks

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