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Alternative to uccx TAPS

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

I've previously used UCCX Taps, cisco auto reg tool in uccx to deploy handset years ago when cisco gave away 5 x uccx ports with ccm. We have a lot of deployments where company merges with other companies so having to obtain the Mac, models of phones is a pain. Does anyone still use it, can we still use or is there an alternative 



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Maren Mahoney
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VIP Advocate

Take a look at the Self-Provisioning IVR feature. It is native to CUCM 10.x and later and is super-slick. It is a royal pain to get up an running (not unlike TAPS) but once it's up it provides a lot of neat administrative streamlining.

Configure Self-Provisioning Feature on CUCM (IVR Based) 

System Configuration Guide for CUCM 12.5(1) - Configure Self-Provisioning  




Thanks for the reply 


Does it allow me to pre configure handsets and then give the Dial in  number to the deployment team to register the phone in the same way as taps? 

Hi, I forgot, itsnt this set up related to a single user as in a user swaps out " their" phone. With taps, a deskside type person dials up an cti RP and the enters the DN of the phone we want the " new" phone be. The idea is that we upload say 100 phones all with numbers and trh deskside engineer enter one of the 100 hundred number to which the new phone becomes 

Hi, I just reviewed the doc, and it is more related to users and their extension. We make use of extension mobility and so there is not end user association 

It is indeed geared to work for deploying phones for users. You can set up dummy profiles with templates for use with this feature and then turn the phones to "anonymous" afterwards.


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