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Always "Busy here" (CUCME 10.5 and CP-7821 sip-phone)


I have CUCME 10.5 and about 100 sip-phones CP-7821. (All phones and server in LAN)

Sometimes some phone (or may be number) "hangs" - it is always busy. If I call to problem number - it is busy. If I call FROM problem number - I get busy too.

It is happens with random numbers. (sometimes two-three times in a day, sometime once in three days). I don't see any pattern or regularity. Problem phone appears as registered on CUCME. I see periodic "REGISTER" message from phone and "SIP/2.0 200 OK" response from server.

I have to :

conf t

voice register pool <problem number>


for problem phones from ssh on CUCME.

Right now I have "hang" number 7299.

I try to debug with

debug voip ccapi all
debug ccsip all

I've attach log from CUCME (this is test call from 7076 number to "problem" number 7299)

In this log I see

812:  NOTIFY sip:7@ SIP/2.0 (whit last digit "9" in 7299 number)


926: SIP/2.0 200 OK (server's response to notify with "9")


994: SUBSCRIBE sip:11674-24A@;transport=tcp SIP/2.0 (from CUCME to phone 7076)


1082: SIP/2.0 486 Busy here

But I can't see the reason why 7299 is always busy.

Help me please.

Deepak Mehta
Rising star


Which firmware are you running for 7821 and can you attach sh tech from CME.



Do share the show run from CUCME as well as try to disable the authentication register from voice register global and do no create profile and create profile.
voice register global
    no authenticate register

no create profile
create profile

Please add source bind command to voice service voip. Also, try to remove digest authentication (username/password and authenticate register) if any configured.

Collect these debugs and share them too.

debug ccsip messages
debug voice ccapi inout


I've attach file with result of "show running-config" command (it's censored - I delete a large part of "voice register dn" and "voice register pool")

About phone firmware, this line in config:

load 7821 sip78xx.10-2-1-12SR1-4

About modification in voice register global. As far as I understand, after modication I must restart the phones. Is it right? (Right now glitch is on my own phone and I keep my phone turned on for debugging and logging. If I restart my phone glitch disappears and reappears on a random phone.)

I don't find "source bind" command:

Volgog3925#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
Volgog3925(config)#voice service voip
Volgog3925(conf-voi-serv)#source bind
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

Can you give more detail (or link) about "source bind"?

I will collect debug (debug ccsip messages and debug voice ccapi inout) tomorrow.

I've look at log on problem phone (in phone web interface -> "Console Logs"). There are REFER requests from phone to CUCME and "SIP/2.0 400 Bad Request" responds from CUCME.

It is appears that messages don't related with any calls. Problem phone and CUCME periodically exchange REFER and "Bad Request".

In attach - log from problem phone.


CUCME 10.5 lists 7821 supported with 10.1(1)SR1 , so you may want to double check this with cisco.

Also bind command  should be applied inside the sip section.

Volgog3925(config)#voice service voip

Volgog3925(conf-voi-serv)bind media source-interface  interface[]

Volgog3925(conf-voi-serv)bind control source-interface interface[]


Here is excerpt from "sh flash:" on my CUCME


640   35914072 Jan 14 2015 01:58:36 +03:00 rootfs78xx.10-2-1-12SR1-4.sbn
641     364076 Jan 14 2015 01:59:18 +03:00 sboot78xx.10-2-1-12SR1-4.sbn
642        994 Jan 14 2015 01:59:34 +03:00 sip78xx.10-2-1-12SR1-4.loads
643    3090804 Jan 14 2015 01:59:54 +03:00 kern78xx.10-2-1-12SR1-4.sbn


And all phones show in "Phone Information":

Active Load: sip78xx.10-2-1-12SR1-4

If try retreat to 10.1(1)SR1, how can I reflash a single phone for testing?

Here is the log for call from 7076 number to 7299 number (in attach). Ip-address of CUCME -, ip-address of 7076 phone - I didn't apply filter for logging and log includes many irrelevant messages (not only for 7076 to 7299 call). This makes it difficult to read this log. Sip-phone CP-7821 have his own log (it is accesses in web interface of phone) - this log include sip-traffic between phone and CUCME (from phone's point of view). Phone's log may be little easier for analysis.
I forgot to mention:
If a phone "hang", then power off and power on for that phone DOESN'T help.
That's why I have to do:
conf t
voice register pool <problem phone>
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